Boxes and packaging materials

Our boxes are made from high quality 125KBC corrugated cardboard. Our double wall boxes are capable of safely carrying a load of up to 30 to 50kg and are highly resistant to crushing and buckling when stacked. When you need tougher cartons to hold heavier items, our double wall boxes have the strength and reliability to do the job.

 If you’re not using our packing service there are some packing materials that are used on all removals that are mandatory to protect your possessions even if we are hired to load and unload only, so please have them ready, for example, mattress protection, sofa protection, shrink wrap and sealing tapes, Please order these items. If we have to provide any of these materials there will be an extra cost plus service charge so do let us know. Make sure all boxes are clearly labelled, K for Kitchen, Room 1, Room 2, Room 3. for them to be unloaded into the room of your choice & all doors are labelled at your new home. guaranteed satisfaction.