Moving House Or Office In 2023: What To Know

Nov 14, 2022 | Blog

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It is critical to plan every little detail when moving from one place to another in order to streamline the process & ensure everything goes well. While there may still be some stress & probably a few surprises along the way, having a strategy that helps you remain on track & prepared for unanticipated scenarios makes all the difference.

Make a moving checklist. Although it may appear only to be additional effort, making a moving checklist is quite beneficial. This is where you’ll make a list of everything you need to accomplish for or before the relocation, whether big or small. Don’t stress about creating a comprehensive moving checklist the first time; simply add chores as you think of them to avoid forgetting them later. One of the things that cannot be omitted from your list is transferring your utility set up to your new house. You can have a look here for 31 things to remember.

How to get gas & electricity in my new house?

Your new home should hopefully already get gas and electricity supplied to it before you move. Nonetheless, it’s important to make a trip to your new home before moving day (where feasible) to ensure that the property is connected to the National Grid. Test lights and any gas appliances in the home. If you receive no response, check to see if the previous occupant has shut off the gas supply at the main, or shut off the main breaker on the property’s fuse box.

In the vast majority of cases, your new home will be placed under a “deemed contract” with whoever the previous occupant/owner chose to supply the property. This will almost certainly be on a standard or default variable tariff. As such, it will probably be the supplier’s least competitive rate. But the good news is that this tariff will be flexible. So you can leave at any time.



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